It is always a good idea to be ahead of the game and put your supports in place as the plants start into growth.  They will find their way naturally into the support but once they are growing strongly it is much more difficult to wrestle them into a suitable position!

Perennial Basket

These three ring Perennial Baskets support Peonies and other herbaceous plants which are otherwise vulnerable when exposed to inclement weather which can quickly spoil their glory. They are multi taskers perfect for Shrub Roses with a tendency to collapse and can also be used for tall straggly perennials, and large floppy-headed Hydrangeas.

Steel with a rust finish available in two sizes.

1100H x 300-400mm W   £50
1100H x 400-500mm W   £60

Onion Basket

This Onion Basket has a superb shape and is ideal for supporting many herbaceous perennials that tend to flop. It can be used in a pot to grow with annuals such as Nasturtium or as a stand-alone decorative feature within the garden. 

This product is available in a natural rust finish or can be galvanised and powder coated in a bespoke colour with a copper wire accent for added drama!

  Steel with a rust finish, 1000H x 650mm W   £105

Steel powder coated cream with decorative copper wire, 1000H x 650mm W   £125

Bell Cloche

This Bell Cloche is a very useful item to have in the garden particularly in the veg plot! In Spring it can be used with galvanised wire to protect precious seedlings and emerging new shoots from hungry little pests. In Summer use it as a grow-through support for Campanula, Scabiosa, Poppies and many more. In Winter use it over a delicate plant, stuffed with straw or bracken, or add a fleece for extra protection.  Its elegant shape, modelled from a French antique makes it a lovely architectural feature in its own right!

500mm tall x 450mm wide at £50 with a rusted steel finish £60 painted.

Large Lobster Pot
This lobster pot is the perfect support for shrub roses, small clematis and clumps 0f herbaceous perennials

1800mm tall x 900mm wide at £150 with a rusted steel finish