Arches are so versatile in the Garden.

Almost any plant that can be tied into an arch as it grows,  Roses, Clematis, Apples or Pears. 

 Train Laburnums over a tunnel for a spectacular Spring display or use your arch as the framework for an elegant opening in a hedge.

The Donard Arch

Use the Donard Arch to define a walkway through your garden, frame a seating area or enhance a garden gate. Unlike wooden or tubular arches it is welded in 40mm solid steel bar and robust enough to take the weight of plants as they mature in growth.

Use a single arch or a series to create a tunnel to divide rooms or provide walkways in your garden. Drape them with almost any plant of your choice roses, clematis, wisteria or laburnum are very effective for walkways.

2250mm H x 1200mm W x 500mm D
Supplied in natural rust finish at £395

Also available in widths 1500mm W and 1800mm W and customisable lengths for tunnels.  Galvanised and painted options available on request.

Half  Arch

An elegant timeless piece that provides the perfect support for your favourite Rose or Clematis

Galvanised steel coated in black or green with the option of gold accents.

2400 H x 1200W x 500mmD   £250

Lamagan Arch

This round bar arch is perfect to act as a frame to grow roses, clematis, sweet pea, jasmine the list is endless.  

A lighter version of the Donard Arch it is supplied in a natural rust finish and perfect as a growing support for edibles including, French Beans, Garden Peas and even Pumpkins and Squashes, they love to climb skyward! 

2400 H x 1000W x 500mmD   £195

Also available in widths 1200mm W, 1500mm W and 1800mm W and customisable lengths for tunnels.

Bespoke sizes are available in all arches.

We will work to a brief or create something brand new, transforming any garden into the space you want. 

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